Piercing Care

User manual

The Buyer is obliged to strictly comply with the manufacturer`s guidelines specified in the instruction manual attached to given product.

Conditions for the care and use of imitation jewelry

Before the first use, the jewelry should be immersed in water at 100 degrees for disinfection, dirt caused during use can be removed in a warm water bath with the addition of soap flakes, jewelry should be stored in specially designed lockable boxes lined with a soft fabric,do not expose artificial jewelery with a colored coating to long-term contact with water and moisture, chemicals contain irritating substances and can damage the delicate surface of imitation jewelery with a colored coating,jewelry should be cleaned with a special cloth or soft material (e.g. flannel).

Warnings about possible risks and contraindications for the use of jewelry made of 316L surgical steel and silicone - jewelry made of 316L.

Surgical steel and silicone should not be worn on an unhealed piercing - jewelry made of 316L
surgical steel and silicone may cause an allergic reaction, in the event of an allergic reaction, the jewelry should be removed immediately and discontinued.